We are in a world of stories. People are interested to know about people (subjects). As a film maker I would prefer to say it as subject. Different subjects are around us telling us different stories. Any subject about life Indigo is happy to film it and try to get on to a big screen.

We are living in a multicultural community where people have different issues which are required to highlight in front of concerned authorities. Indigo will help and guide individuals to make their own small films to highlight their issues.

We also film documentaries for our online newspaper. Which gives us more viewership and so we can network with people around us. Our film department help groups and people to make small films to highlight different issues.

A few projects are going on like Reception of a Brilliant student in House of Commons. Life of a Taxi driver in Bradford.

Our Project also includes most famous Bradford Drummond Mill fire Memories with partnership of Asian Sunday News Paper Bradford.

In future we are looking forward for some projects to complete, if you have a subject, issues come and our Indigo team will complete it with you.