Visual vs Text Effect…

Retailers, Brands, Wholesale are very well aware that visual appearance or content is an important tool for their brand awareness. Not only this it gives a wide spectrum to the customers to get engaged with the brand in different ways. Is this is the only reason; the answer is No…

We are in the age of visual information where visual content plays a role in every part of life. 65% of world population is directly or indirectly related with visual communication. Moving and still images are using to learning technologies. People learn more fast with visual presentation of any thing. You can see it as News paper to Television. Graphic interface made it very easy to learn easily. Similarly old computer operating systems were DOS , Windows change its interface and now you know what is in front of you. Visuals processed 60,000X faster in brain.

Visual content gives retailers and brands the upper hand over competitors. It has been shown that website visitors spend 100 percent more time on pages with videos on them and, more impressively, shoppers are 85 percent more likely to purchase an item after watching a product video.

Product Photography
Product photography is very simple to understand, from a burger meal to an expensive handbag, menus , catalogue and other promotions material is stuffed with visual images and description. All businesses who are manufacturing or distributing the product need products photographs which show more than a product. Indigo can also provide product photography for your products to publish them on your pocket catalogue or roadside billboards.

Event Photography
Indigo cover events. Sorry to say we do not cover weddings. Our team of photographers are specialize in political events coverage like, speeches, protest or any event in which community is involved. Local election campaigns , functions can also be published free of charge on our online news paper.

Photography rates are different for digital and print output format.