Why Promotional Videos

For Promotion…

Businesses advertise them in different mediums to promote products/ services. Promotional videos are important tool for them to spread their message all across target region within few seconds. Either in the form of website banner or in the form of separate you tube video.
These videos can show their products, services and describe the product functionality itself. These video varies in lengths, quality, script etc. They start from 3 minutes to ten minutes by keeping in mind the interest and mode of the viewer. Here is a sample Video…


It is not only video or visual affects,  which attracts people. Script, story board and dialogue, sequence of presentation also attracts people to buy a product/ services. Samsung , Apple big names use promotional videos.  Old product / service adds only focus on the packaging and the outlook but as people are more informative than before they want more detail of a product. Computer word was enough two decades back but now customers understand most of the features like RAM, Resolution, Pixel and motherboard. Customers raise more questions to seller before buying any thing. 
In past only big brands use this facility because they afford  expensive media presentation technologies.Now small and startup businesses are using same services to build up their clients on every scale. Video get viral on social media and consumer have more choices on a large scale to choose and reject.

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