Focus On Target…

Market research is a process to identify; How Much market is of your Business. Market research helps you to find the market place in which you are competing by finding who will buy your product or service and finding your USP( Unique selling point) the point that how your product is different from others product. You USP provide you a competitive edge on other products/ services. USP can also be focused when you market your product.USP can be anything, your ingredients, your price, your origin or anything else.

Customer research is another important factor in market research. Which are your potential customers in market. For example you cannot sell meat items in a vegetarian territory? You cannot offer parking space to sell where people don’t have cards.  So market research plays an important role. In research process you can ask your existing customers or customers who already using similar products. Decide either your customers are Businesses, consumers, men, women, teenagers or kids etc.  Customers already buying the similar product can be your target customers. This includes the study of your competitor as well.

After all this customer research starts, in research what your customers are expected from you, which they are not getting from your competitors. What prices, quality your competitors are offering in the market.  You can use online data about your competitors to identify their weak areas and you can offer strong services in those areas.

Indigo will help news businesses, existing businesses to perform their market research. We use different market research methods for our clients. We not only study their potential customers, we also study their suppliers, competitors and all other relevant stake holders in the business. We use focus groups, samples or prototypes of new products, collecting feedback. Open ended and closed ended questionnaire are used to get as much information from potential customers. From quantitative to qualitative research we have experts who can help you to take off. If you would like a full range marketing research service. Please contact our marketing staff and discuss your business goals.

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