Indigo Marketing & Media Productions Ltd is an independent Marketing & Media Production service in Bradford.Our aim is to provide creative and ultimate services in marketing and media by using best available strategies and technologies.We can innovate and develop fantastic business development opportunities for our customer needs, that reach across print, online and almost all broadcast mediums.It is our faith that if we work with honesty, creativity and hard work we can achieve best possible goals for our customers by minimizing their burdens. We are here to share your work for one collective target. 

Why Marketing

In today,s overcrowded market environment, we have hundreds of choices so facing more decisions than ever before. It is not easy for everyone to make best use of their hard-earned money. Every year thousands of products hits market from needle to jet planes. Always it’s a challenge for buyer and seller to choose the best thing that suites them.

For businesses to sell services/ products they need a comprehensive marketing plan that is simple and cost effective & for customers it is not as simple. Sometimes extra premium quality product failed but some time rubbish quality sells. It all how you sell the product…cleverly and faithfully

Why Media

19th Century from London, street cries, hawker trade and chants to attract customers to increase sales. These hawker traders often demonstrate the product functionality and often called pitchman. Businesses mission is to sell product from day one. 21st century arrived, time changes new market rules and technologies emerged to attract customers. Now a days these technologies chants every where, on TV, Radio, Mobile, Satellite, Social Networks.

Every year in United Kingdom satellite TV channels are growing. Advertising on television allows businesses to show and tell a wide audience your business, product, or service. It allows businesses to actually demonstrate the benefits of ownership.

 Clients Our Assets

Companies pay millions in advertising but disappeared within days. Not because of their product. They forgot to develop relationship and understanding with their customers. For service based companies you don’t have any tangible item to offer the customers, so more hard to convince them.

Our sales team not only to sell services; they will keep their clients engaged from initial analysis to finished product, until they fully satisfied. To build a customer you need years and to loose just one wrong decision. Visiting customers regularly enable us to build and assess their needs and requirements. This process enables us to see customer ideas and vision their eyes and advise them to tweak them accordingly. More brain storming with customer worth’s rather than sitting hours on computer making design/reports, send them and then doing revisions on every hour.

Small Team Big Aim

Our company has three major desks, Creative, Marketing and Business developers. Graduate from Bradford University with seven years extensive experience in Media, London school of business six years in developing market strategies and fully equipped, experienced & friendly business developers work round the clock to deliver best possible service/ product to the customers.

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